Instructions For Use Of Diamond Bit

- Jul 12, 2017 -

Instructions for use of diamond bit

The drilling bit mainly uses the hot pressing method and the low temperature electroplating method to make the geological engineering drill bit, the oil drilling diamond bit, the large diameter engineering drill bit and the thin-wall diamond bit. Using AAA, SMD natural diamond grade diamond production, according to the national standard, geological standard, Ministry of metallurgical industry standard, DCMA standard, the company perennial Q series standard, Sweden g Rui Liusi standard. The series of products are: geological engineering drill - single and double pipe and rope core drill - reamer; single and double pipe, wire line coring and special reamer reamer (reamer); diamond bit and diamond saw blade, composite drill, DTH Drill, drill and petroleum drilling tools (including circlip card, spring seat, short, single and double pipe drilling, joint locks, faucets, drill pipe, casing, SPT, alloy drill, elevator etc.). I produced a series of drilling bit for 5 ~ 12 grade rock. The compressive strength of 16-18 / kg grain size, 25/30, 35/40, 40/45 grade diamond, 45/50, 50/60, 60/70, 70/80, 80/100, 100/120.

1. General Principle of selecting drill bits: 5-7 complete and homogeneous rock formations. Example: shale, limestone, sandstone, the hardness of electroplated bit HRC35 degrees -45 degree; 7-9 grade medium grinding and complete rock. Example: marble, siliceous limestone, granite plain, flat type drill is generally used in the HRC35 degrees -40 degrees; more than 9 medium grinding, intact rock. Example: quartz sandstone, should use diamond electroplating, hot pressing HRC25 degrees around;

A hard, abrasive rock layer (commonly known as a slippery formation). Example: quartzite, from coring, feels smooth. Should use hot pressing gear bit level of zigzag electroplated diamond bit about HRC15-20 degrees or 5-10 degree; drilling fracture, broken rock complex, diamond bit matrix should be selected HRC45 s..

2.when you use the drill head, you should recognize every card in the packing bag - diameter, hardness, particle size and concentration. When you get to the airport, the card and drill bit should be one-to-one correspondence, so as not to confuse the different hardness drill, affecting the use effect. Especially for the old drill bits that can be used, it is best to correspond with the original cards, so that they can be used next time. As a long time, are available for butter protection, wire brush for thread, and then. The reamer, collar with caution check thread or deformation, in order to avoid the site running back and forth.

3. a bit before installation, select the appropriate physical properties, hardness of diamond particle size, concentration and rock match. Reaming, thread, drill thread, drilling tool output thread matching each other. Tighten the drill bit and reamer, check, confirm and cooperate properly before you can do the work. In the process of tightening do not use tongs or free calipers bite the carcass. At the same time, check whether the new drill pipe and the drilling channel are clear, whether the drilling tool has good dynamic performance, whether the working rod is bent or not has cracks. 

4.use method 

4.1, line rotation: when the drilling depth should be determined according to the structure and characteristics of rock drilling bit quantity, may need to consider the type, will be required to drill a collar, external vernier caliper to measure the diameter and height of the matrix bit and record the record of the succession or work in the hand. According to the size of the bit line alternately. First, the outer diameter is big, then the outer diameter is small, and the inner diameter is smaller and the back diameter is larger. 

4.2, before the new drill hole, it is best to recover the remaining core in the hole. When drilling a new drill hole, the core is blocked due to the different sizes of the bore, and the inner diameter of the drill bit is damaged. Because the requirements of coring of Kunming geological team are as high as 95%, or the core surface is damaged when drilling the core under the direct hole drilling, the geological structure is judged by the geological engineer. Requirements of the actual operation of experienced captain personally take the hole; one can avoid damage to the drill bit; two to ensure drilling quality; three, does not affect the economic benefits of the unit. 

4.3, after the new drill hole, from the bottom of the hole 0.3 meters - 0.5 meters should be pumping water, and then slowly decentralized. From the bottom of the hole about 0.2 meters, that is, clamping chuck, light pressure, slow rotation. Initial grinding about 10 to 15 minutes, about 0.2 - 0.3 meters, while taking into account the length of residual core, and with the bottom hole running in order to use the normal drilling technical parameters. Generally, a well worn drill has a higher life expectancy. 

4.4, reasonable selection of card spring: electroplated drill surface rough, uneven, the inner diameter is not easy to measure accurately, so the selection of circlip is particularly careful. Normally, the free bore diameter of the circlip shall be 0.3-0.4 mm smaller than the bore bore diameter. As the bore diameter of the drill wears, the diameter of the core becomes thicker. Therefore, the drilling field shall be equipped with 2-3 specifications of the circlip for selection. The checking method of the circlip is that the snap spring is loaded into the circlip seat and is sheathed on the core, and the circlip can hold a certain holding force on the core, and can be pushed gently on the core, and the circlip can not be exposed until the circlip is held tightly by the core