Main Types Of Geological Drilling Methods

- Sep 08, 2017 -

According to the mechanical rock fragmentation mode rotary drilling, percussive drilling, percussive rotary drilling tools; according to a steel shot or abrasive drilling, drilling, drilling, diamond hard alloy composite sheet drilling, drilling bit; according to the core way of hoisting rope coring, coring, reverse circulation continuous coring; according to the type of water drilling fluid, drilling mud, air drilling fluid circulation; according to the way of positive cycle drilling and reverse circulation drilling, downhole local reverse circulation drilling. In addition, there are some special methods, such as downhole driving, drilling, directional drilling, etc., can also be a combination of the above methods.

The main method of drilling geological core drilling with hard alloy drilling, diamond drilling (including wire line coring drilling), composite drilling, percussive rotary drilling, directional drilling and reverse circulation coring drilling.

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